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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Death to @rt-z

In an attempt to create a place for new artwork experiments (other than my website and original myspace page), I had created an alter ego on myspace named @rt-z. It was pointless really so I cancelled it. Instead, I'll actually use this blog created some time ago and post things here. I don't know if anybody but a select few will ever come across this page, but that's ok. I'm just tired of the spam!

Catching those up that never saw the erroneous myspace page, at the beginning of February I decided to create one new piece of art every week. 4 have been created thus far and even if I don't like them, I post the scans. It ended up evolving into themes and not intentionally so. The last 3 painted had something to do with trees. It just came out of nowhere, honest! Well, the piece I'm working on this week has evolved as well. Instead of my usual 1 week deadline, this one requires a bit more time so I'm tacking on another week.

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