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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Recycle, Reuse & Repurpose Life

Pages 11 & 12. Acrylic Paint, Chalk, Ink, Plastic, Metal and Receipts make up these pages. My attempt to recycle more than newspaper and milk cartons.

Pages 13 & 14. Chalk and graphite. I decided to do some life drawing which I haven't done in ages. Boy am I out of practice. Figuring she needed a little help not to draw so much attention to her, that I added a flower. It helped...I think

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  1. love the renewal piece, and your woman is beautifully drawn - well proportioned and those feet and hands are terrific! not easy!! The spread has a Gauguin-esque feel to it, for me. I'm enjoying what your doing in this altered book :)

  2. don't know how i missed this.
    i love recycling/art! how did you stick the metal?

  3. They're little gromet type things with prongs on the back. I used E6000 glue on the back and pressed the prongs through the paper. I don't think they're gonna go anywhere.