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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Latest Project...

Ok, so I haven't done any personal artwork since Cloak & Dagger, but that's not to say I haven't been flexing the creative muscle. As a gift to my Dad for Father's Day, I helped with this totally cool, slightly old school, and completely custom flame job on his car. It was a 3 day process just to paint it, and that's not including the wet sanding and buffing that's done afterwards. I will post the final pictures of his 'Stang in all it's painted and shiny glory once the buffing is complete. For now, here's the process before sanding and buffing. Originally his car had racing stripes down the middle which were removed as part of the prep. I'll post those pics along with the finals.

Day one was mostly prep. The garage was turned into a paint booth; the car washed and free of oils, waxes and what not; and the paper laid out for the design.

Day two was spent drawing the design of the flames on the paper; transferring the design to the actual car (lines were perforated with a pounce wheel then blue chalk was rubbed into the perforated holes leaving the chalk on the car); and then thin 1/8 inch blue line tape was used to follow the chalk lines.

On day three (actual Father's Day) there was even more taping....taping....taping. I thought we'd never get it all done in time to actually paint. Painting came after the taping of course, and this went by super fast. All that prep and hard work led up to about an hour of actual spraying (if that). Then it came down to peeling off all that tape that took hours to put on. And there you have it.

Only thing left to do was sand and buff. The paint has to cure for 24 hours before that process. It's been in the sanding; touch up a spot here and there; sand some more process for a few days but looks like it's moving into the buffing process now.

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