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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twisted Portrait

It's been a while since I've posted anything. It's not that I haven't been working on things, it's just that I need to finish them. Currently in progress is a painting I've been working on for several weeks. I had planned to finish it this past weekend but never did. Too many things going on at one time. Hopefully I'll have it completed in the next few days and will share it here.

A blogger friend and artist Shana Goetsch ,who does absolutely amazing work by the way, has just put up a bunch of self portraits and it got me thinking. I don't do self portraits because I simply can't bear to look at myself long enough to do it. Yeah, I have issues with that. At any rate, maybe the reason I paint/draw trees so often is a reflection of my inner self. Trees can be beautiful but they can be ugly too. Some are twisted memories of themselves and show the many years of change on their faces. So many things effect them; environmental changes, mankind, mammals, bugs, birds, forces of nature. Everything around them effects what they will become much as everything around me effects who I am and what I do. Well, I thought I'd share a sketchbook piece that I've done in my down time at work. There's been a lot of that lately and I think the sinking feeling of possible hardships had a big part in this tree's appearance.

Well, maybe Shana has influenced me to try out a self portrait again. Maybe it'll be a good exercise to just get over it. We shall see.

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  1. i'm so flattered. i saw this from myspace.

    while i was reading that i thought, maybe you are the tree. maybe you should weave your face into a twisted gnarled tree.
    self-portraits are the best release ever, i promise you.

  2. I'd actually toyed with that idea too. I want to somehow incorporate a tree and bird in my self-portrait considering those are my favorite things to do...LOL I might work on something after I finish this other one. I keep saying I'm gonna finish it but things get in the way.

  3. it's incredibly sinous and alive looking. Go on, be brave on behalf of all the rest of us who can't do the self portrait thing!!!

  4. I often use trees as sort of a self portrait. As a matter of fact in art therapy the tree often represents self.

    On my art blog I have a category called self portrait but my definition of that states the painting is a reflection of my inner being not my outer being. In this case your tree could in fact be a self portrait.

    Love the lines and shades on this one as well as the three series trees. Beautiful work.

    F. Mag Austin