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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Sketchbook Project 2009

I've finally gotten around to posting pics from my latest project. I've signed up for the Sketchbook Project 4 at ArtHouseCoop.com. I've been working on it for sometime now and am almost halfway done with the sketchbook. I ended up glueing pages together for more stability which means less pages to have to create, but it's holding up nicely.
Have a click and check it out!!

All Images Contained Herein Copyright (c) Heather Gordy 2009


  1. i like the dark outlined figures, very sharp!

  2. Beautiful! Very evocative. (whenever I wonder what you're up to, up you pop!)

  3. Thanks! I really like the way it's turning out. It's been a lot of work. Definitely keeping me busy as a beaver.