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Friday, November 6, 2009

Here Lies Emma - Sketchbook Project 2009

Here's another page in my sketchbook. I was playing around with water soluble crayons and ink.

All Images Contained Herein copyright (c) Heather Gordy - 2009


  1. this is a very 'cemetery' sketchbook heather! i love the themes though, and that they are cohesive throughout

  2. Thanks Shana. I've always been intrigued with cemeteries. As a freshmen in high school, I had a geography teacher that took us to a historical German cemetery to do a grave rubbing and then research the person if we could. It was just after we'd burried both my uncle and grandfather so I had a flood of emotions. I'd been struggling with their deaths and I think it gave me a different perspective on it. I've been fascinated ever since.