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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Art That Circles The Earth

For a few months now, I've been participating in a project that Shana Goetsch started. Here's a little information regarding the ATCTE project. (Click the image for a bigger view) Image courtesy of Shana R. Goetsch.

There are several great artists involved in this project which you can find out more about on ATCTE blog. Be sure to check out the other mandalas that Shana and the artists are working on. There's some really great artwork taking place.

Here's the two mandalas that both Shana and I created together. You can also see the photos of each phase on the blog.

Heather Gordy To Shana R. Goetsch - This is one I started and sent to her in Milwaukee, WI. After she worked on it, it made the trip back to me in Houston, TX where I did a little more to it. It made it's final trip to Milwaukee where Shana completed it.

Shana R. Goetsch to Heather Gordy - This mandala was started by Shana in Milwaukee. It made it's way to me in Houston where I worked on it a bit and happily sent it back to her. She in turn added a little more and sent it to Houston again. Well, the post had a mishap and it made an extra trip back to Shana before I even had a chance to work on it. Luckily she did receive it and resent it in my direction. I finished this one up.


  1. i am so used to facebook now....i want to *thumbs up* this.
    they look so nice together!

  2. what an excellent idea! The mandalas are cool. Does it kickstart your ideas to work on something that someone else has begun?

  3. Shana - They do look really nice together. They both utilize the same colors and the shape is similar. I think it really turned out well.

    Whitney-Anne - It's been a fun challenge working with another artist who's style is completely different from my own. Sometimes it really did kickstart the creative process and other times it was frustrating. I would definitely do this type of project again.

  4. I am curious about the frustrations. :-) I've send Shana the first step a week ago and await hers one of these days. It's so exciting, i am so curious what she'll send me.

    Sweet greetz for you....