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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little something...

Figured I'd do a little update since my last post. The Perfect 10's Show was GREAT! Good exposure, lots of fun and even an inquiry to one of my pieces. However, it wasn't a real serious one or they just weren't willing to pay what it was worth. It was for Habitation (10" canvas, skeleton hand with bird) and I had it priced for $125 individually or $200 for both. After spending over 15 hours on the pair, I thought it was a deal of a price. Divide the price by number of hours and material cost, it's less than what I make an hour at work. Oh well, any thoughts on that?

Here's a little sketch I did last night while watching TV. I'm still working on a painting for my mother and once that's done, I have another one on the back burner.

1 comment:

  1. sometimes people are snobs and the more expensive the work, the better.
    it's weird pricing things.
    btw, love the sketch.