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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Trapped - 16"x20" Mixed Media on canvas

by: Heather Gordy

Foam melts; Disappears.
It's a friend of water.
Unruly; Unstable liquid lost in the effervescent lies surrounded by voids in time.
Foam settles on murky waters, dissolving truths cast in shadows dark.
Trembling on broken wings as it softly dances on lips of deceit.
In this place of deadly dreams it lurks.

Devilish eyes spy on bursting bubbles caught in a trance that binds it to this world.
Showing bloody hands and open arms, it sits patiently;
Waiting in chartreuse symphonies filled with childish games and daisy chains.
Frothy, cold and restless.

It's a formulation of perfection.
Biological inventions,
Somewhere between solid and gaseous manipulation.
Foam dreaming of becoming water, becoming ice.
Polluted memories of smothering control, immolated by savage uses of potential mayhem.
Combustible maniacs of chemistry equations.

Matter left over;
Sprayed with powdered delusions of reckless hearts and battered bones.
Foam melting into salted crystals and burned by flames upon silver.
Injected, inhaled, shot, smoked, absorbed;
Ripping through to the center.
A sodium delight meant for chambers under pressure.
Pure, impure, real, untrusted, unstable;
Foam dissolving into water.
It lurks; No longer alone.

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