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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Already?

It's finally February and there's a light at the end of the tunnel. So far 2014 has kept me very busy preparing for my upcoming show with the very talented Vincent Fink. It's been fun (and a little stressful). I generally like to set art goals for the new year but being so focused on creating enough art for the show, I haven't thought about what the rest of the year may hold.

Last year was a great year. Keeping busy with various shows was good, but I've decided this year to take a step back and not do so many. I also want to make an effort to attend more shows as a patron and support fellow artists and friends. It's time to build up a body of work for some future endeavors and explore new ideas I've tucked away for a rainy day. You do realize I say that now and will end up in a show (or two) every month... LOL We'll see. The main goal is to focus on creating more.

All that being said...come to our show on February 21st, 6-9 at East End Studio Gallery. :)

Here are a few sneak peak pics of some art that'll be in the show. I'll post a lot more after the closing.

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