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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where Does The Rooster Go When It Rains?

I work in an older part of Houston just east of downtown. It's a combination of houses, factories and other various businesses found in the shadows of skyscrapers. The streets are scattered with "roach coaches" (taco trucks) and vendors on bikes selling miscellaneous mexican snacks. To those that work in the area it's know as "Little Mexico" but to it's residents, it's just called home.

My company is on the corner of a busy street and a neighborhood filled with houses probably built in the 40's and 50's. On the corner lot of a cross street is a little gray house. Nothing fancy but kept in good condition considering the location. Every morning around 11:30, a confused but rather loud rooster crows on the lawn of gray house. It's my entertainment from the monotony of a boring day behind a computer doing the graphic art biddings of our clients. Like clockwork, there he his crowing away at an odd time. Occasionally you can hear the crow of a competeing foul just down another street.

For the past few days Houston has been inundated with cold and dreary weather. The rooster; no where in sight or sound. It's funny how you miss the unyeilding call of the cock in question. I admit the first day I didn't think much about it. The second day I questioned where he could be. Is he tucked away somewhere under the boxwoods? Is there a hidden coop I've never seen or maybe he's hiding under the truck in the carport?

The rooster was the inspiration for this peice as I've had no luck finding the elusive bird. I just hope he didn't end up in a pot of chicken soup on a cold night. Maybe you can tell me, Where Does The Rooster Go When It Rains?

It all started with primed canvas board. The background is painted with acrylic and is of a pile of feathers (extremely abstract) in various shades of red/org and black. I then scanned several feathers into photoshop and manipulated the image. The feathers were printed on white tissue paper which ended up being a little tricky not tearing as it went through the inkjet. I then affixed it to the board using once again, gloss medium and varnish.

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  1. that's quite the through process heather. it tuned out really nice though.

  2. It's not raining here this morning and I heard a rooster crow way down the street. Wonder if it's him?

  3. That turned out very nice.