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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been leaving my Altered Book alone for the moment and have been working on a few other things instead. I hope to be posting a new painting sometime next week. It's not finished as I've been reading the Twilight series which I'm on the last book now so not too much longer. Work has been incredibly slow so I've been working on a digital piece. Here it is, only a day late, but this is my tribute to Earth Day. The woman and the leaves were first drawn on a scrap piece of paper that would have otherwise been thrown away. (See, I recycled) I scanned it into my lovely work computer and went to town in Illustrator. Some of you might be asking why I didn't use Photoshop and the answer is simple. We don't really have a big use for Photoshop at work (although it would be helpful sometimes) so boss is too cheap to get it. Oh well, Illustrator worked out well and I'm happy with it. I think I may print this one out and frame it which I've never done with one of my digital illustrations. The name of this one is "BeLeaf". Cheesy I know, but I've never been really good at coming up with clever names. Oh well, belief that life will go on. Belief that every ending has a beginning. Take it in and breath it out. WOOOSAAAA!

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  1. i like the name. and i really like your digital work! this is fairy tale-esque!

  2. Hi Heather, I love the title! The play on words works perfectly, and the image is really beautiful - definitely frame worthy :)

  3. Thanks so much! I do a lot of digital work, but have never felt moved enough to frame one. Glad you guys think the title works. I kinda thought it was cheesy, but then again, so am I...hehehe