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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Man That Did It All

Dali has to be one of my most favorite artists. His paintings are strangely appealing as well as his eccentric performances. He was a madman and a genius. When asked in an interview what he thinks he's contributed to art, he replied "To Art, nothing, absolutely nothing. I've always said I'm a very bad painter because I'm too intelligent to be a good painter. To be a good painter you've got to be a bit stupid..."


  1. i love his religious work most...such an ASS though.

  2. LOL... I watched a documentary on him, I think it was by Arena and it was good. He has a autobiography I've mean meaning to read, but never got around to it. Maybe once I'm done with the Twilight series.

  3. i watched a documentary on him too, and i swear to you, the parts where he spoke i wanted to leap into the tv and pummel him. seriously love his religious work though....what's that one with the severe angle of the crucifiction? it has a crazy long name....gimme a minute. it's like, 'the christ of st. something' that was in our house when i grew up. scary AND cool.

  4. Yeah, you're right. I think it was Christ of St. John? I'll BRB, gonna look it up now LOL .............................................. Yup, that was it, well sorta. It's Christ of St. John on The Cross. I love that one too. I think one of my favorites, now don't laugh, is Meditative Rose. I know, it has a flower. My other favorite is Celestial Elephant.

  5. OH, he doesn't really bug me all that much. Yes, he's arrogant, a bit over the top, but I just laugh him off. I don't take him too seriously I guess, even though I'm sure he was. Maybe it's a language breakdown. At any rate, the one thing that really got me, and this shows his human side, was the way he became a recluse after his wife died. He was very much in love with her and she was his reason for being, even though she slept around with other men. She was actually one of Picasso's mistresses.