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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Heartbeat Within

So, here it is. The one I've been working on between reading books, going out of town and playing catch up. Originally I had planned on adding hands around the right bottom corner by airbrushing around mine, but decided I liked it the way it was. I did use the airbrush to give it a smokey effect. Heartbeat Within is painted in acrylic (both by brush and airbrush) on a 16" x 20" Canvas Board.

Copyright © 2009 Heather Gordy. All rights reserved.


  1. i like that you consistently have trees going on in your pieces. it links them all, no matter the media.

  2. that's a very powerful piece of work - do you have strange dreams at all?

  3. Strange is an understatement. My husband picks on me all the time about my dreams. I remember in high school doing this exercise where you go to sleep in a chair holding a pen down at your side. You place a pan below where the pen would drop. As soon as you fall asleep, the pen would fall and hit the pan which would wake you up. You then draw what you began to see as you fell asleep. There was an artist (maybe Dali) that did that and our Art History teacher wanted us to try it. Sometimes you didn't get anything, but other times the flashes were quite amazing. Made for interesting artwork and poetry. (I should try that again..lol)