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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Le Patissier

I'm extremely bored at work and decided to sketch while engraving name badges and bag tags. I hate that stupid machine, but at least it's something to do when things are slow. The constant hum of the motor working tirelessly is mind numbing to say the least. Trying to block out the sound with headphones while sketching helps, but the unending pattern of putting in and taking out the plastic trinkets is annoying. I'd rather be doing art which is what I was hired for. Doesn't help that there's a skeleton crew and this lovely task has been thrust upon me. OH JOY. Can't you see the excitement?

I was a little hungry when I started these 3" x 3.5" doodles as it was right before lunch...LOL I sure could use a chocolate cupcake with a pale yellow paper cup, thick pink cream cheese frosting and bright red cherry on top. It makes me smile!

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  1. oh dear, I've heard of comfort eating but comfort drawing?? Just make sure you have some of these waiting for you at home when you get off from work.