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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been lost in my own world as of late. My head's been spinning in a million directions and I haven't been able to slow it down. Bursting with ideas from each end of the spectrum, I've failed to get many of them down. The problem is I do better when I'm working on several things at once and trying to focus on a rather large piece I've been working on has been difficult. I keep telling myself to work on that blasted thing and then in turn won't start anything new. Maybe that's my problem. Here's something I did while boredom sunk in at work today. To the left is the original pencil drawing done on blue card stock.

Here's the picture after it's been tweaked and digitally colored. I like it both ways.

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  1. i think i like the color one better.
    it pops more.

  2. nice colors! I like your idea with the nails into trees thing...this is great. and for bored work it's amazing!