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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Transition - Acrylic, Ink & Graphite on 30" x 40" Stretched Canvas

It's finally done. I added up the numbers and I spent about 29 hrs total paint time on this one. (Spread out over months of course) I'm glad to have this one under my belt and to be moving on to different things. This painting ended up allowing me to test different techniques. I fell in love with some... others not so much. Transition allowed the chance to discover. I hope you all enjoy it.

Here's some close ups for y'all. (Just click on the image to make it bigger)


  1. yes I was noticing the insane detail on the grackle's legs...like wtf! The whole piece is pretty outstanding in detail. It seems like a transitional piece and there's a new direction ahead perhaps? Either way, Great job!