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Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Outta My Head!

Here's a couple of things I did/finished up over the weekend. Well actually I should say Friday because I just took it easy on Sat and Sun.

This one started off as just a sketch and completely evolved over a couple of hours. Nothing about it at all was planned and I love it. Yay for learning new medium!

Get Outta My Head ~ 7"x10" ~ Copic Markers in gray on 98lb paper.

This is a painting I did for my mother. I'm so glad she loves it. It's been several years since I did a landscape and honestly, this is my first using acrylic. All previous ones were done with pencil or watercolor.

Landscape ~ 24"x48" ~ Acrylic on canvas.


  1. You stopped by my blog awhile back and I am just now getting back to you. Sorry for the delay but life gets in the way sometimes. I love your landscape, your Mother is a lucky person! Anyway thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I really like your GET OUTTA MY HEAD artwork! :)