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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing With Gray

So, It seems I've rediscovered my love of black, white and all things gray. I've been painting so much color lately, that it's been nice to get back to the basics. Using Copic markers has really opened a different door for me. Don't fret, I'm still painting and am currently working on a couple of pieces, but using the markers helps tremendously in times of boredom. It's still a learning process. Trying to get the markers to blend just right can be tricky. I've tried a different paper which I wasn't too happy with so I came back to Canson 98lb Mixed Media paper. I'll continue to try different papers I'm sure, but for now, here is my latest creation.

Horned Owl Skull with Banana Spider ~ 7"x10" ~ Copic Multiliners & Markers in gray and black.