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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cycle of life and art.

I haven't been painting lately. For some reason, applying paint to canvas has been tough. The focus shifted when I picked up my pens and markers and decided to play with tonal values. At least the creative well isn't completely dry, but the urge and frustration to paint are creeping back in. I have a canvas that I toned, sketched and then painted back over because I wasn't happy with the composition. It's now sitting in my garage, taunting me. But alas, all I'm doing is drawing. It's a just another cycle. I have no doubt that I'll pick up my brushes and let the colors flow again. Maybe this is just something I needed to do. Allow myself to breath and get back to the basics.

Skull; Flower; Cycle - 7"x10"- Copic Markers & Multiliners on 98lb paper

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