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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to the grind.

Sitting here amongst the quiet hum of printers, fans and the occasional slamming of a file cabinet, it's all I can do to stay engaged. A shaggy Brussels Griffon snores at my feet. Max has been soaking in the warmth from the small heater to my side, at least until his owner whistles for his presence. Will the boss be leaving early today? It's only wishful thinking as the dog pads his way back through the door.

It's been eleven days since I've sat in front of this computer screen. Why is it that the days fly so fast when you don't want them to and drag on when you wish they'd hurry? My life at work is reduced to clicks of a mouse and taps to a keyboard while I listen to hushed bickering in the front office. Oh yes, it's going to be a fine day. I'm sure the office manager will be fired (again).

Another whistle, another hope.

It's a lonely existence in this small room with no windows. Walls covered in an almost white color of green, hideous carpet that can be found in most office buildings, and the rancid scent of past decades. I sometimes scribble things on a legal pad and erase them to hide that musty smell. It's better than the potent scent of the freshener my boss likes to use. It's the smell of creativity that I hope will ignite a spark.

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